Effective e-mailing

Do you know what the SeeWhy agency came to when she explored 60,000 purchases in US online shops? The requested mailing, the e-mail newsletters with which customers agreed to send, brought an incredible 57% of visitors to the shop. It is astonishing, however, that 67% of them bought more than TWO THREE!

A properly set mailing system can bring you not only visitors but also new orders, orders and demand.

We have good experience with emailing and newsletters, we know how to get new contacts into your database, how to convince them that they pay to give you your email and agree to submit your offers, information and news. We use proven solutions from mail system campaign providers worldwide – MailChimp and Aweber.

We know how to properly set up your email campaign so that it is as effective as possible to make contact with your potential customers not just follow. We’ll teach you how to work with them and get the most out of them. The magical thing about it is that all without any additional advertising costs like banners or PPCs, for example.

Already tomorrow, you can get the most out of your visitors and we’ll advise you how to do it. Feel free to contact us right now. Before your competition is done.

It is not important whether you run an e-shop, sell trips, mediate or provide services yourself. For everyone, we can find tailor-made solutions – just as efficient as possible and will lead to the dream goal. Random, anonymous passers-by visitors to the site will become specific people who will be able to reach out at the right moment easily, simply and directly with the offer that addresses them.

If you do not already use the full range of mail marketing, remember what we told you right at the beginning – you are probably coming to more than half of the visitors and above all the customers. Still hesitate ….?

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